Arvid Rosengren: the best Cup-bearer of the world for 2016

Arvid Rosengren: ο καλύτερος οινοχόος του κόσμου για το 2016

The Mendoza, Argentina “showered” by questionnaires, anxiety, blind tests of wines and spirits, 61 stubborn oinochooys from 59 countries and a big winner, Arvid Rosengren.

“I pay a huge effort and I have spent a lot of time in my improvement as a cup-bearer so I can participate in competitions of such calibre. This includes demanding theoretical study, a blind test, as well as practical exercises “. It said the 31 year-old Swede Arvid Rosengren, who won the title of “Best Sommelier of the world for 2016” in Mendoza, Argentina, affirming that nothing is random.

Arvid Rosengren: the best Cup-bearer of the world for 2016

The Arvid Rosengren came out winner amongst 61 oinochooys from 59 countries.

The 15th International Sommeliers Contest organized by the World Association of sommeliers (Association de la Sommellerie) in collaboration with the local Association of Argentina participated 61 contestants from 59 countries. Of the 61 participants, in the semi-finals went 15. They are: Christian Jacobson (Denmark), Heidi Makinen (Finland), Henrik Dalh Johansen (Norway), Raimonds Tomsons (Latvia), Robert Andersson (Sweden), Arvid Rosengren (Sweden), Hiroshi Hishida (Japan), David Biraud (France), Levinson Paz (Argentina), Satoru Mori (Japan), Elyse Lambert (Canada), Piotr Pietras (Poland), Alexander Rassadkin (Russia), Gareth Ferreira (South Africa) and Julie Dupouy (Ireland).

In the final test of kontarochtypithikan in imposing Teatro Independencia’s room three: Julie Dupouy from Ireland, which ‘ finished ‘ in third place, the silver David Biraud from France and Arvid from Sweden Rosengren, who was the big winner of the contest.

Arvid Rosengren: the best Cup-bearer of the world for 2016

Questionnaires, anxiety and blind wine tastings were just some of the challenges for Arvid Rosengren and other attendees

The famous sommelier and now owner of distinction “Best Cup-bearer of the world in 2016,” is the second Swede to win this coveted title, since 2007, winner of the 12th World Competition held in Rhodes, won by his compatriot Andreas Larsson.

Indeed, this year’s winner Arvid Rosengren, who lives in the last few years in New York, our ‘ guides ‘ in the lonely path that followed to reach Everest’s own: “in the last six years I wake up and read for two hours. The refrigerator in my apartment has nothing else over bottles of wine and a few eggs. You can hardly read a book not about wine or you watch a movie because if I do I feel guilt that no study on wine. I think to open the tv but don’t do it because you need to read, for example the different wine varieties in Bulgaria “.

Particularly important multicultural presence this puzzle with common denominator the wine had the Greek Cup-bearer Nicholas Johnson who won the remarkable 17th place.

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